Please read the instructions for your drug check from start to finish before beginning the process so that you do not make any mistakes. This is a potentially dangerous operation, so act according to instruction.

Please note: colourblind people cannot use these reagents.
Please fill in the results form in step 6. This is critical to the success of the next phase in our plan.
Safety with the kits 

These reagents must be kept cool for their accuracy, please use or refrigerate them shortly after receiving them

These reagents are acidic and will cause burns to any reacting material exposed to them. 

Wear the nitrile gloves supplied in your kit. Make sure you do not touch anything else with the gloves on. Wear eye protection. Cover your skin.

Make sure you do not spill any of the reagent within the plastic vial. 

Try to test with the reagent as rapidly as possible to prevent potential unreliable results.

Once the kit is finished, you MUST neutralize the reagent solution with the supplied baking soda. 

Dispose of the kit and wash your hands thoroughly.


By reading this document, you confirm you will adopt the relevant necessary safety precautions and understand the limitations of these reagents when checking for substances. 

You also agree that any decision based on these results is entirely your own and Making Drugs More Accurate has no role to play in this decision making process. 

These reagents can:

Tell you if the sample tested contains at least some of the believed substance

Tell you if the sample tested is completely fake; meaning that it contains NO trace of the believed substance at all

Test for other substances if the sample tests negative for the believed substance

These reagents cannot:

Conclusively say the sample tested is pure (drugs are almost always adulterated)

Ensure the sample tested is safe (no drug is completely safe, even if it is pure)

Tell you how much active drug is in the sample (you never know how weak or strong the effects will be)

All drug use carries inherent risk.

Making Drugs More Accurate: Our Role

We are in the empowerment business, specifically in empowering you to make a more informed decision about substances. We will never tell you what to do, nor will we judge what decision you take.

You are entirely responsible for what you do with the reagents. The information following is more than enough to utilise these reagents properly, but it is up to you to follow it. 

We cannot touch your substances, nor can we tell apart multiple substances and their purities.

We cannot tell you if a drug is good or bad, nor do we guess. If we do not know, we will say so. 

While we would like to offer reagent checking to the entire world, we don’t yet have the resources to do so. Please be mindful of the requests you make given our limited treasury so that it can be free for all forever.


We'll reach out to you with the codeword. Be patient - we WILL get to you.

Before we begin..

Make sure you have enough time to perform this process. 15 minutes should be plenty, do not rush it. 

Do not rely on one reagent result. Cross reference each reagent to decrease the likelihood of an anomalous result.

Be confident that you can perform this check. It’s very straightforward and the results are easy to interpret. Members have been doing these tests since the age of fifteen, we’re sure you can ;)


Ensure you have in your bag:

Nitrile gloves

Baking Soda 

Relevant reagents

Ensure you understand what reagent tests can and cannot offer.

Shave off / place this much (●) of your sample inside the 2ml plastic test tube with the reagent inside of it. 

Make sure you place the test tube in front of a white surface so you can clearly see colour change.

Put on your nitrile gloves. Cover your arms.

Place your substance into the vial and watch the colour change. 

The primary test for LSD is the Ehrlich (yellow sticker) test, which will go a purple color if LSD is present.

Hofmann (red sticker) test, as a secondary test for LSD. It should go blue, though it will take a short while.

Use the Marquis (purple sticker) and Mecke (orange sticker) tests to screen for harmful compounds such as 25I-NBOMe, which will yield a dark color (brown/black) fairly quickly.

Neutralise the reagents with the provided baking soda. 

Use the provided fentanyl test strip on the sample. Dispose of everything.

Fill in the results with this form so that we can use the data to justify more funding / harm reduction services available to you. 

Think about what the reagents have indicated is inside your substance.


Making Drugs More Accurate is not responsible for what you do with this information. Nor do we recommend drug use and we emphasize all drug use carries risk. 

The information outlined on this website is not exhaustive. We provide a brief description of drugs that are commonly used recreationally, including typical routes of administration, typical doses, common effects and their duration, as well as other helpful information. The effects described are the most commonly reported effects, but because the purity of substances cannot be assured, effects can vary as a result of the potential for contaminants.

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