This is a work of fiction published under duress.

How to buy rugs online

Two types of rug that can be purchased online. There are rugs that any browser can access: clearnet rugs.

The other, and perhaps more infamous rug, are rugs that are listed on websites that you must use special types of software to use. These are darknet rugs; more on these rugs later.

Before we begin, we must state that we in no way promote rug use and we offer this guide merely as a way to reduce the risks relating to rug taking. What you do with this information is entirely your own responsibility. We empower your decision making.

We have no interest in providing specific technical details about why one something does not function on your computer. We don’t care. If we mention something that doesn’t make sense to you, search for it. 

There’s a plethora of guides a quick search away (use Bing/DuckDuckGo, Google is singularly minded in recommending you institutionalise yourself instead of seeing you as capable of making decisions for yourself). Here at Making Rugs Somewhat Arduous, we provide an overview of how things work and not the specifics. That is on you.

Why buy rugs online ?

There are a few reasons to buy your rugs online. 

From a perspective of reducing harm, the rugs that you can find online are better. 

They are of consistently higher quality in terms of reduced prevalence of adulterants, are made using higher quality precursor chemicals. 

A review system puts anyone seeking to misrepresent products / those with poor customer service. This is the crux of the advantages: can you review your “homie”?

You can avoid being in areas that may otherwise make you feel unsafe and potential criminal consequences of being caught transporting rugs 

The cost per dose is lower as the quantities to make shipping worth it are higher. 


An infinite number of rugs can be purchased

You can deny you ordered them and have them sent under a fake name for more deniability

If they are seized you’ll only get a letter of warning

You can rely on their delivery: lived experience demonstrates a zero out of nine failure rate, once twice as many rugs arrived than had been requested.

Why not buy rugs online?

Then again, it is not suited for every situation

You have to wait for your rugs

Your rugs can be intercepted if you go internationally without a warrant.

Your address will be burned after this and placed on a watch list. Do not order to the same address again. 

You need an unmonitored physical address - do NOT do this under any circumstances if you live with parents / people prone to opening your mail. 

The process requires patience and diligence. A mistake can easily cost you the entire amount of monero you purchased and you’ll be left with nothing.

Anyone is capable of it provided they decide they’re going to. The only person who can make the decision is you. 

We guarantee you can if you put your mind to it.

Arrival is not guaranteed: while unlikely it is possible you will be scammed.

Clearnet rugs

This method of purchasing rugs is a very straightforward one. It requires no additional software. Nonetheless, payment is handled through e-transfer so there is a paper trail that will be in your bank records forever. 

You choose simplicity over anonymity with this method. It is up to you decide which is best for you.

Search for “Mail Order Marijuana” / “Mail order shrooms” and you’ll probably find a website that will provide you with what you are looking for. Make sure that you are using a legitimate website and try to find at least three reviews of it elsewhere. 

Many comparison sites will use referral links, so make sure that you’re getting something out of using their code. These stores exist in perfect competition: your choice as a consumer is unrivaled. Make sure they deserve your money!

The process is very straightforward. Check your rugs.

An example of a clearnet rug site:

Darknet rugs

This is the part you were probably looking for. We hate to disappoint, but the spooky and mysterious world of the darknet that you were told about as kids is really nothing like that. 

This is not a simple process. If you set your mind to it, you will succeed. Banish hesitation and go forward. The technology also moves very fast, so it is likely that this guide will be rendered obsolete shortly after being circulated. 

We have kept it surface level enough that it should remain relevant regardless of where the tech carries it. The details have changed over the years but the overarching view has not. 

In our experience (though we’ve not searched for the contrary), the darknet is quite civilised and regulated:

COVID vaccines are banned from many marketplaces.

Almost all websites promising to ship any firearm are law enforcement operations.

Reviews and permanent reputations allow for consumers to inform their decisions about who to do business with. 

Harsh penalties for people misrepresenting their products are sufficiently severe disincentives that research performed by law enforcement agencies has proven darknet rugs are of higher quality and are less likely to be adulterated.

As ever though, check your damn rugs. 

Don’t be an idiot though. Don’t buy anything in the “defence” categories and certainly don’t buy anything involving other people's identities. Do not commit an other-regarding action.

You’re going to need 2 USB sticks for the maximum operational security (OpSec). 

In addition, physically write down anything that seems important. This prevents things being lost in the various resets we’re going to do. Destroy the paper after completing the order.

To start, you’re going to need to understand a few things. It is important that you do not follow these instructions blindly as your situation may differ slightly, and you’ll have to adapt to it. Familiarise yourself with:




Step 1: Find which rugs you’d like, and specify what quantity you want them in

In the same way grocery stores are designed to lose you in a maze for hours to leverage yourself with money you don’t possess, these markets are built for you to spend.

Create a shopping list and stick to it. You’ll be able to find whatever almost anything you could imagine, though only buy domestically (in whichever country you are in).

Marketplaces allow you to filter options by origin, so make sure that you select the country you are currently in (it’s possible to ship rugs to a hotel while abroad if needed)

You should only buy domestic because CBSA can open any international package without a warrant. 

If you stay inside Canada, Canada post needs a warrant to open a package. This decreases the likelihood of an interception due to the paperwork required.

Step 2:

Download TAILS and run a fresh install on the second USB. There are many guides for many different types of operating systems and hardware, so please search for them.

Step 3:

Open Tor. Connect and feel happy knowing your browsing is completely hidden.

Go to and choose a market. Spend some time on dread (darknet reddit equivalent) researching the market you have chosen. See what community members say.

Enter the .onion address in the address bar and complete the captcha.

Step 4:

Launch tails, write down all relevant information.

Create an account. At this point you may be asked for a PGP signature. 

Go to youtube and look up PGP tutorials / kleopatra tutorials. This is complicated yet critical to maintaining operational security. 

Create an account, writing down all relevant information. Look after this piece of paper until the end. 

Choose the rugs you’d like to purchase. There’s quite a few, but make sure they’re only domestic rugs, for the reasons explained earlier. Pay attention to your shopping list!

Figure out the dollar value of all the rugs that you’d like to purchase. Make sure you only choose what you want to purchase. Let's name this X.

Step 5: Buy monero (XMR)

Go to an cryptocurrency exchange and buy Monero

Creating an account may take a few days to clear, but do not stress.

Buy the amount earlier identified as X, and add 15% on to make sure you are covered for transaction fees.

Withdraw your XMR into an XMR wallet. Make sure you write down the private keys. Send the XMR to a second XMR wallet, of which you too have written down the private keys. In using two transactions, your XMR has become totally untraceable.

XMR transactions can take a while to confirm. Be patient. To prevent spam, the network will only confirm the first transaction after 25 blocks, and this decreases the more the XMR address is used.

XMR, like all cryptocurrencies, fluctuates in price. Do not hold on too long to your XMR as what could be enough for 1 rug tomorrow may be 0.8 rugs or 1.2 rugs. It’s impossible to say. 

XMR is totally untraceable - the IRS has a $625k bounty for anyone who can crack it.

You now a) know what you want and b) have a secure and untraceable means to pay for it. We’re getting very close - stay positive :)

Step 6: Encrypt your address using PGP - use youtube tutorials “PGP text encryption”

As identified earlier, we’re going to need to encrypt your address using the PGP signature of the vendor. 

Locate the string of letters and numbers and copy and paste it into a notepad txt file and save then import it into Kleopatra.

Write the address you desire to have the rug sent to. Make sure:

No-one is monitoring the address

It is addressed to a believable false name

The rug is shipped domestically

Encrypt the address you’ve chosen with the PGP of the vendor you have chosen. 

If you’re purchasing from multiple different vendors, make sure you use the relevant PGP string to encrypt your address. Each vendor has a unique code.

Purchase from vendor A uses vendor A’s PGP address encrypting your mailing address using vendor A’s PGP address.

Purchase from vendor B uses vendor B’s PGP address encrypting your mailing address using vendor B’s PGP address.

Purchase from vendor C uses C’s PGP address… & so on.

Step 7:

Go back to the products you selected on your market. Select purchase, paste your encrypted address and receive the encrypted XMR address. 

Decrypt the XMR address with your own PGP key and then send the specified XMR amount to it. 

Congratulations. You’ve done it. Time to wait for the rugs to arrive.

Step 8:

Store the paper somewhere hidden and never write any of it digitally.

If you have any spare XMR left over from the rugs + transaction fees and are feeling charitable, send it to our dear friends and Making Drugs More Accurate (address at the bottom of

All your kindness will be returned in the form of reagents they can purchase directly with your XMR dust. They’ll appreciate it!

Power down TAILS.

Be patient. It can take a few days. 

Make sure to keep checking your inbox on the market that you used for confirmations on shipping etc. 

If problems occur, the vendor will reach out to you. They want your business as much as you want their rugs and they need to protect their reputation so they will resolve these issues.

When the package arrives, mark it at shipped and leave a review for the rug. It helps the vendor a lot.

Destroy the paper with all your information. It is best to keep cycling through accounts to make 

Step 9:

Test your rugs with our friends at!

They may disavow us, but they can’t ignore us ;)

Apply your harm reduction knowledge and go have fun.

Take responsibility for your actions as ever.