Trip Sitting: A Guide

Before we begin, it’s important to remember that Making Drugs More Accurate doesn’t promote drug use, and that nothing you see below constitutes advice. 

We take no responsibility for what you do with this information and solely empower decision making while playing no part in the outcome itself: that is entirely on you. 

Let’s start. The art of good tripping is in preparation. If someone takes 400ug of what is thought to be LSD and realise they have have a job interview in three hours, it’s probably going to be a less enriching trip than if you take 125ug with some most trusted friends in the Botanical Gardens when there’s nothing to do for the next 18 hours. 

Maybe the job interview goes well and the day in the gardens doesn’t, but if you’re to run this test 100 times over we’re quite certain that the majority of more positive experiences will be in the park. Good trips are decided before you come anywhere near putting an intoxicant into the system before the person you’re sitting begins.

Before the trip

As discussed, a good trip is made before the trip begins. If a friend is handed a hit of Salvia half blacked out in a party, it is not likely to go well. Put the work in in advance and show the drugs the respect they demand and they will respect you in return :)

There are a variety of factors to consider before you reach the point in which you begin to tripsit.

Are you neurodivergent? Psychedelics affect different people in very different ways. This is accentuated if you are neurodivergent. Be sure it’s what you want.

Is the person on Lithium, Tricyclics, Ritonavir or Indinavir? There may be dangerous interactions

Are you in a good frame of mind? Using psychedelics if you’re under extreme stress or some other reason for feeling not in balance is not necessarily a good idea. Ensure that you enter the experience in a state of mind clear of potential irritations.

Are you in a good physical state? Tripping when you feel ill, are wounded or are cold and inadequately dressed (for example) is not conducive to a beautiful tripping experience.

Are you in the right environment? Are you going to eat in a Hooters restaurant with your girlfriend's mother or are you hanging out in the Musee de Beaux Arts? 

How much time do you have? Setting aside the rest of the day is often a good idea.

Have you eaten? You certainly don’t want to feel full but a small meal before tripping will make the other end of the trip a lot more bearable. 

Have you checked the drugs being consumed? We know a pretty good crew that offer this for free - check out

Have you researched the drug and its supposed effects? Are you aware of the interactions the drug has with other ones? What dose are they consuming? 

Do you trust the person to only take as much as they say they are going to?

Clean your house. It’s not pleasant tripping in a messy environment, especially if it is your own.

Prepare a music playlist for their specific music taste.

Have fruit or something sweet at the ready. Apples are a personal favourite of ours.

Prepare a blanket if you’re heading outside. Little art things or something to play around with in a picnic basket are also much appreciated.

Have you defined the group dynamic? Are people going to stick together the entire experience? Is there somewhere safe to retreat to for personal time?

Have you discussed sexual boundaries? If there is a sexual component to the trip, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO CONSENT once the trip has started. Define this in advance. This is very important. 
Do you have a bug-out plan ready if things get a little too overwhelming? Always be aware of your exit points and be at the ready.

Do you possess Xanax if the trip gets well and truly too complicated? Benzodiazepines are great at killing trips fast. Even if you don’t use them, it can be very comforting to know that you can end the trip at will!

Have you had psychedelic experiences yourself? Being able to relate to the exact sensation they’re feeling is the best way to understand those around you.

Having said that, everyone is different. Use your intuition as to what you perceive to be relevant to your trip sitting experience. 

During the trip

Make sure they’re taking an appropriate dose. This will be defined by them: are they inexperienced? Take a threshold dose. Customise it to their preference!

Have a plan as to where you want to go. Does the museum you’re at have sufficient material to keep you entertained all day? 

Do you have somewhere else planned to go after? How will you get there? We always advise avoiding the metro - it’s called bicycle day for a reason ;)

Give people sufficient space if they request it. Keep an eye on them, but leave them be. 

Ensure that the person is not experiencing a medical emergency by checking they’re responsive, aren’t sweating, vomiting, breathing regularly etc.

Be open with the person during this process and keep it oriented around them by letting them voice their concerns if needed.

Offer them the Xanax if they’re having a difficult experience. Make sure they are the one making the decision and do not shame them for it. 

More generally:

Interact with them in a respectful and genuine way. Connect with them, show empathy and listen actively. 

Show appropriate concern in a gentle way and you will build the necessary trust required to provide the safety net your friends would like! Remember why you’re here and why you value those you’re looking after :)

Normalise their experiences as they are expressed, no matter how atypical they may sound. Remind them that what they’re experiencing is a normal response to what they’ve taken. 

Remind them they’re safe and you’re here from them

Encourage them to explore the state they’re in with curiosity

Establish a sfe physical space to work through internal processes that may come about. Is it too noisy, bright, smelly, quiet, busy etc?

Remind them the experience in temporary, and encourage exploration. If they feel like they’re stuck in the trip, offer the Xanax. Remind them they’re in a moment and that it can simple just be ridden out.

“Put your feet up and float down the river” is a good phrase we like to use. 


Make sure they don’t make any important decisions for a few days after. 

Help them integrate the new sensations they’ve experienced and check in with them a day or two alter! 

See how they’re planning on taking care of themselves for a few days after. Make sure they’re as loving as they should be :)


Making Drugs More Accurate is not responsible for what you do with this information. Nor do we recommend drug use and we emphasize all drug use carries risk. 

The information outlined on this website is not exhaustive. We provide a brief description of drugs that are commonly used recreationally, including typical routes of administration, typical doses, common effects and their duration, as well as other helpful information. The effects described are the most commonly reported effects, but because the purity of substances cannot be assured, effects can vary as a result of the potential for contaminants.

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